Elder has a portfolio of over 500 SKU’s in the generic market.

Our Generic formulations are virtually present in every dosage form i.e. oral solids and liquids, dry powders for suspension, injectables (liquid and dry) and ointments

We cater to the following therapies: Nutraceuticals, Anti-infectives, Pain & Analgesics, Respiratory, Cardio-Diabeto, Gastroenterology and Dermatology amongst others.

We follow stringent quality measures to ensure the highest quality of generic products.

Elder Capsule Catalogue 

Elder Tablet Catalogue 1

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Elder Tablet Catalogue 2

Elder Tablet Catalogue 3

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Elder Topical Catalogue 

Elder Dry Syrup Catalogue 

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Elder Injection Catalogue 

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Elder Syrup Catalogue 

Elder OTC Catalogue 


Elder Projects Ltd. 

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